Parental Control Software Protects Your Children And Your Computer

The Internet has become the number one resource for information in the United States. It has been engrained in our culture; so much so that the name of the most popular search engine site is a common verb in conversation. This great resource for information can also connect our kids to things that they should not be aware of at such a young age. Television and radio have filters on what can be said and done on shows; however, the internet is 100% unfiltered. It only makes sense that a parent would want to use parental control software to filter the content being viewed by their children on the web.

Beyond Parental Controls

The problem that most parents have with parental control software is that either it is too easy to work around, or it inhibits the work of the child for school. Most parental controls filter websites from a list of sites that have been deemed inappropriate. However, the content that appears on search engines and social networks is much more difficult to filter. Instead, many parents have turned to online monitoring programs. Instead, many parents have turned to online monitoring programs such as Spector Pro or eBlaster for these needs.

Online Monitoring Software Protects Your Child And Computer

Online monitoring software allows a parent to track instant messaging activity, the searches kids are completing and the sites that they are visiting. There are many dangers that children face on the Internet including cyber bullying, sex solicitation and explicit content. However, a child's internet activity could exploit the computer as well. Videos, email attachments and peer to peer networks can all expose the computer to risks. The program will keep track of what your child is doing and allow you to address any issues they may be facing or causing while on the web.

The New Wave In Parenting Tools

The fact is that parental control software is no longer effective in protecting your kids from dangers while on the Internet. Parents must take a much more active role in protecting their kids. Internet monitoring programs give parents the tools they need to protect their children in the ever-changing web environment. With 20% of the more than 24 million children on the web now being solicited for sex, moms and dads simply cannot afford to ignore what is happening to their kids while they are online. Purchase a program that gives you all the tools to protect your child on the web.

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