iPhone 5, iPad 3, Galaxy S3...

By David Levi

Apple's forthcoming Apple iPhone 5 is stated to be most anticipated device for this year over any other. The Samsung S3 is not too far behind as it is designated to be the assumed sought after Android powered smartphone in the market once it makes it debut later on this fall. According to numerous stats, the fifth generation Apple iPhone is exactly what is creating exhilaration with tech lovers.

Over seventy percent of overall mobile phone fanatics say that the upcoming iPhone will be the most powerful item to hit this year. On the other hand, Samsung's own S3 notched nearly fifty five percent as the Android phone that a lot of people are looking forward to.

Another device that righteously deserves attention is the third generation iPad from Apple. The tablet has been gaining a lot of talk as Apple promises to release a much improved and functioning handheld that will deliver twice the power and speed compared to its predecessor, the S2. A lot have been wondering when the tablet will come out and the release date is still hazy at the moment.

Seventy percent of tech fanatics wanted to have the Apple iPad 3 after the fifth generation iPhone. Trailing not too far behind is Nintendo's upcoming console, the Wii U, which currently sits in third place in the most wanted devices this year. Right after it is sixty five percent with Android powered tablets.

Sixty two percent wanted to get their hands on the rumored Apple iTV followed by the next Amazon Kindle Fire and the Playstation's latest innovation in the PlayStation Vita. The questionable Samsung Galaxy S3 trails behind right after. And to top the tenth most wanted gadgets are Intel's line of Ultrabooks. Despite huge favourable smartphones in the upcoming iPhone and Samsung's S3, both devices still have a lot of unanswered questions.

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