Samsung Still Working Hard on The Samsung Galaxy S3

By John Sanders

Uncertainty is just one of the many things that you can describe with upcoming smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy S3. While a lot of uncertainty has been surrounding the highly touted product, it does not mean that the tech world is completely empty handed. There have been a lot of hints about what is expected of the S3 and if you have been listening to the rumors you will clearly have some idea with what the handset will offer.

The S3 is just a name that bloggers have been making up. Mr. Shin, the vice president of the Samsung mobile branch, only mentioned that the company will be releasing a "third generation of the Galaxy S" line. Just recently, Samsung's company executive, Mr. Younghee, confirmed that the S3 does it exist and it will make an appearance in the market.

Mr. Younghee also mentioned that Samsung is still deciding on several mentions made with regards to the device. It is said that Samsung will inform the public right away when everything with the Galaxy S3 has been talked about and when the targeted released date will be. A speculation of a possible S3 was revealed just recently on the support site of Samsung.

The design amount was the GT-I9300 and it is thought that the item is most likely going to be the S3. Although there have no reports with regards to the gadget, lots of are stating that it will definitely be handset concealing under a different name. The public is still puzzled as to why Samsung did not need a say by having the S3.

Samsung's rival, the Apple iPhone has gained worldwide attention ever since a rumor of its iPhone 5 erupted early last year. Never has the technology braced an upcoming device as early as one year before. Nevertheless, both the upcoming S3 and the fifth generation iPhone will surely be the top two smartphones this year.

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