Your Brain: Feed it Puzzle Games

By Kole Casule

Puzzle games are games that depend on your wits and smarts rather than your reflexes. They're great, because they exercise your intellect and keep it sharpened.

One of the most addicting and fun puzzle games in history is Tetris. In this game, differently formed pieces of blocks come onto your screen, and you had to organize them to form even lines. If you screwed up, the blocks would pile too high, and you would begin again. As the game progressed, pieces slipped quicker and quicker, and only true gurus could find the best place to put them. Tetris came out in the 80s, but still sees play on consoles and computers all around the world.

Some other games depend on vocabulary and word information to do well. Puzzle games like these are customarily known as word puzzle games. They include games like Scrabble, Astound, hangman, and even Wheel of Fortune.

Boogle is one of the funnest and fast-paced word puzzle games. In each round, you only have three minutes to find as many words as you can. Words only count if they're at least three letters long, and no abbreviations or proper nouns are allowed. If you can find a larger word, it is worth a lot more points. If you and someone else find the same word, it doesn't count for either of you. The game is extremely strategic, because you can go spent time looking for larger words (which takes more time) or look for a lot of smaller words (which are easier to find, but worth less points).

Scrabble is one of the classic and classic puzzle board games.Using up more letters gives you more points, and making words with hard-to-use letters like X and Z means you score more also. Fortunately , net versions will mechanically authenticate a word, meaning discussions over an obscure word's meaning and dictionary referrals are a thing of of the past.

Wheel of Fortune is still a popular Television show, and for good reason. Its fun to figure out phrases primarily based on only a few clues. Knowledge of the language is necessary also , so you can get the maximum points and avoid needing to buy any vowels.

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