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Recover Deleted PST Email by Corrupting it

Microsoft Outlook is a popularly used email client used for email maintenance. It uses .pst files to store them along with other objects, such as notes, tasks and others. PST is actually a database that records email items by using specific indexes. So, when you delete an email message, Outlook removes its entry from the database rather than deleting its original contents. This forms the basis of recovering deleted emails from PST. However, you can try to Recover Deleted Email by using a simple trick of corrupting the file, as described further.

If you have inadvertently deleted an email message from your .pst file or emptied the Deleted Items folder, the following trick can help you recovering them.

  • Make sure that you backup the .pst file before proceeding further. It includes steps that asks you to corrupt the file.
  • Use a hex editor and open your .pst file
  • Use spacebar to delete positions 7 through 13. This will clear 13 characters of hexadecimal value. Save it and your .pst file is now corrupted.
  • Next, use Inbox Repair Tool to repair the corrupted .pst file. Locate the tool with name 'scanpst.exe' using Windows Search or Find option, start it and specify the location of your corrupted file.
  • Open the repaired .pst file. Your deleted emails and those emptied from Recycle Bin should now be visible

This technique can work if you apply it immediately after deleting the messages. It is not a sure deleted email recovery solution. If this fails, it is suggested to use Deleted Email Recovery software.

Recovery software for emails deleted from PST file are powerful utilities with advanced scanning algorithms to locate and restore emails. Such software Recover Deleted Email based on the principle that deleted emails are not actually gone from .pst file. When you delete it, its index entry is deleted and the original email is still preserved at the same location. So, such emails can be extracted.

You can use these email recovery applications quite easily as they provide you interactive design. Also, these utilities are safe at use.

Stellar Phoenix Deleted Email Recovery is a robust recovery solution to scan, locate and recover deleted Outlook PST emails. The software uses advanced Deleted Email Recovery algorithms to provide comprehensive and safe results.. It supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. It is a non-destructive tool that preserves the original formatting and contents of deleted emails.

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