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Using Intuit recovery software to repair corrupt QuickBooks file when company file does not open

In Intuit QuickBooks database (.QBW) files, the TLG (Transaction Log File) stores all the transactions done in the company file(s). Also, this file does minor corrections in the company file as well including correcting the data that is missed during an interrupted network connection. However, there are times when the corruption in the TLG file results in the inaccessibility of the company file. In such cases, you should find out the root cause of the matter and resolve it. If you are unable to do so, then a professional QuickBooks recovery software must be used to repair corrupt QuickBooks file and support QBW recovery.

Let us discuss a situation in which you open a QuickBooks company file but fail to do so. The following error message is displayed in this process:

"An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file (-6189, -816)"
This problematic situation can happen because of the following reasons:
a You have installed an encryption software that has encrypted the the company file, and disabled it from opening.
a The TLG (Transaction Log File) file of the company file is damaged.
a The company file, itself, is damaged.

To resolve this problem, you can perform the following methods that corresponds to the mentioned causes:
a Uninstall encryption software: You should uninstall the encryption software with the help of the product documentation.
a Rename TLG file: You should rename the TLG file using the following steps:
a Double-click on 'My Computer' on the desktop.
a Browse to the location where the company file is situated.
a Find the TLG file, which has the same name as the company file but with a .TLG extension.
a Rename the TLG file and open the company file. It should now open properly.
a However, it does not open then proceed to the next method.
a Restore company file: If the previous method does not work, then you should restore the company file from a clean and updated backup.

However, if neither of the aforementioned methods are able to address the issue properly then that means the QuickBooks database is damaged. In such cases, the use of a third-party QuickBooks file recovery software becomes imperative to repair corrupt QuickBooks file. Having highly interactive user interface and read-only mechanisms to repair QBW file are some of the few features of these tools.

About the author: This is Harry Grace, an author by profession. I write articles for file recovery softwares to quickbooks recovery and provides solutions when a user encounters some horrific problem.


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