Free and Easy email & sms reminders

Looks like quite interesting however  privacy might be the concern :)

a suggestion is not to use the bcc option instead send the blank email to them...


Email followups, scheduled as easily as Clear out your inbox by forwarding emails to FollowUpThen. Make sure your emails get responses. SMS Reminders. Easy reminders — an email away.
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When to use FollowUpThen

  • "This email is sitting in my inbox, but I don't need it for 2 weeks!" (Forward it to: 2weeks@followupthen, then archive the message).
  • "I have to have a response to this email!" (Forward it to: 3hours@followupthen, or bcc on the original message).
  • "I need to call someone while I'm in the car." (Email with the phone number in the subject-line).
  • Sales Person: "Hi Customer, I understand there's not a need now. I'll follow up in a few months." (Bcc:
  • Project Manager: "Please do important task xyz as soon as possible. I need to hear back asap!" (cc:
  • Sales Person (to self): "I should follow up in 3 days to make sure he got the proposal." (Bcc: on proposal email)

Is it really that simple?

Yes. It's easy, free, safe and secure. FollowUpThen is the most efficient reminder on the market. It is also safe and secure. It sends only one email reminder per request (ie, we will not spam you, or your recipient). It takes only seconds to use. Go ahead and try it!


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