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Failure Of Windows Server 2003 After Hard Drive Formatting

Windows Server 2003 is a server operating system produced by Microsoft. Its a successor to Windows 2000 Server. Windows Server 2003 is more scalable and delivers better performance than any other server OS. It is designed for running the network infrastructure of medium and small business enterprises having around 75 users or workstations. If you are using Windows 2000 Server, you can upgrade to this 2003 version of Windows operating system. However, in some cases, during the installation process you may encounter several error messages. These errors prevent you from accessing your hard drive and cause data loss. But with use of computer files recovery software, you can get back your lost inaccessible computer files and folders.

You might have come across the following error message indicating the problem faced during setup process of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003:
Cannot run DCPromo because the SYSVOL partition is not formatted as NTFS
The error occurs even if your hard drive is formatted using NTFS file system. You may also encounter the error message, which indicates that the Server Tools are not installed properly. Its something like

An error occurred while the server was being configured. Rerun Setup.

Further error messages may include an error while configuring server, stating:

Permissions could not be properly configured for the Fax Operators security group.

All the above messages bar the accessibility of computer files and folders. Your data becomes inaccessible, causing serious data loss. In such situations, you need to perform computer file recovery in order to get back all the computer files data. With computer file recovery software one can recover all deleted, lost, inaccessible, corrupt, damaged files and folders within just few mouse clicks.

Reasons behind this issue

This behavior of Microsoft Windows may occur due to SATA, or RAID controllers, as Windows Small Business Server 2003 can be installed successfully on the basic hard drives.

Resolution to this problem

If you are using Intel RAID or hardware, download drivers from the Intels website to sort out this issue. If you are using devices of any other manufacturers, you can try converting your hard drive from basic to dynamic.

Sometimes this solution doesnt work out to be fruitful. Therefore when above methods fails to fix the problem and you are left with inaccessible hard drive. So in such circumstance you can try formatting the hard drive and then reinstalling Windows operating system. However, formatting deletes all the data from hard drive and cleans up the hard disk completely. So to retrieve the data back you are supposed to take help of professional computer files recovery software. It uses quick algorithms for impeccable and faster recovery of computer files.

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