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Why Items Deleted in the Recycle Bin Can Be Recovered?

iiiAre you still worrying about the missing documents, photos, video, music or movies you deleted in the Recycling Bin due to carelessness, causing sensitive or valuable information from your business or personal life lost? Don't panic. All these items can be recovered. That's absolutely true. If you want to know why, just keep your mind concentrated and your eyes focused.

First of all we have to know something about the principles of hard disk data storage where the data saved. The hard disk is based on a group of metal materials. The disc attached to magnetic coating, relying on rotating of the hard disk itself and moving of magnetic head to read and write data. All the data are stored in a specific area orderly based on the type and size.

iiThen let's come to the process of deleting. When we deleted the items in the Recycling Bin, it seems like they are gone forever and most people think they are deleted permanently. The fact is that the pointers or index in the disk just make a special tick on these deleted items, marked them as available to be rewritten. With more and more files saving on the disk the available space is shrinking. Then until one day it's full but still you have some important files to save, under this circumstance the special area with special marks will come to use. New data will overwrite the deleted data. Then the items deleted from the Recycle Bin are erased permanently.

However, most of the time the disk is hungry and it will take quite a time to make it full, which means the deleted items will stay there in the short-term usually for several months. During the time they are recoverable. What you need is relying on an effective tool to get them out of there.

Wondershare Data Recovery is an expert in recovering these items deleted in the Recycle Bin. It supports folder scanning which saves you time and make the whole recovery process more efficient. But you should keep in mind that no more data shall be saved if you find important files missing and want to get them back. This is for the safety of your lost data in case they are overwritten. Meanwhile, we suggest you not to select a directory where we searched data, in case it would eventually overwrite the source data.

Now it's time to recover the items deleted in the Recycle Bin, every second counts!

About the author: The author is keen on software industry and speaiclizes in the field of rescue your precious files lost due to any different reasons. With a deep knowledge of computer hard disk, the author is dedicated to making a contribution to rescue your precious files lost due to any different reasons.


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