LG’s Magic Remote Brings Voice Control To Its Smart TVs

It looks like the popular technology for 2012 is going to be voice control, we already have Siri on the iPhone 4S, voice control on Microsoft's Kinect, and we recently heard that Google is working on voice control for its Android devices.

Now LG has launched a new TV remote for its Smart TVs, which will let you control you TV with voice commands, the LG Magic Remote.

The Magic Remote's most obvious difference with conventional remote controls is that push-buttons constitute merely one dimension of the intuitive user experience. By implementing voice recognition technology into Magic Remote, users can enter text –- such as search terms -– with voice commands, speeding up the overall Smart TV browsing experience.

There are no details as yet on when the LG magic remote will be available and also no details on how much it will retail for, as soon as we get some more information we will let you guys know.

Source Engadget

*M Junaid Tahir

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